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Mar 20th
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St. Paddy's Pub Pie
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  What a grand holiday. It’s like Halloween shenanigans, but without all the slutty pumpkins. Initially when deciding what pie I would make for St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d choose an Irish booze and go to town, but then I couldn’t make up my mind. Guinness? Jameson? Bailey’s? How silly. Why not all three?! Yes! A dark chocolate...
Mar 17th
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Shepherd's Pie for Pi Day
     Happy Pi (Π) Day Everyone! A pie holiday AND an Irish holiday this week meant that For Your Pies Only was baking up a storm over the weekend! I sadly was so preoccupied with the Instructables Pi Day contest last year (check out last year’s Drunken Apple Pi(e)) that I totally missed out on making an Irish themed pie. Well this year, you get TWO! One today & one tomorrow. Today in...
Mar 14th
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Anonymous asked: How to make carmel sauce for samoa pie.
Mar 10th
Mar 7th
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Mar 5th
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