May 2011
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Hey Syracuse, where's the pie?
and =? Greetings from the land of humidity! I didn’t calculate something into my pie baking adventure equation….the giant muggy, overwhelming heat that we’d experience this week before I put in any of my air conditioners.  Baking pie gave way to cold sandwiches and ordering pizza so as to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible. However, this opportunity gave me lots of...
May 27th
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Anonymous asked: On The Sweet Sweet Caramel Sauce it only list 3 ingrediaents and no instructions.
May 24th
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Rhubarb Custard Pie & My Grandma
       Flash back to when I was a little kid, spending every summer at my Grandmother’s house.  Grandma had a pool, a giant farm to play on, and a whole room full of toys we loved to play with.  She employed us during the summer to pull weeds from around the tomato plants (for a quarter a bushel…we were rich!), pick zucchini and squash, and carry bundles of dill to the truck to go to...
May 20th
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Cozy Chicken Pot Pie
       Spring is finally here in Syracuse.  The sun is shining, the trees and flowers are in bloom and everyone is rejoicing so much that it almost makes you forget about that 7 months of misery that winter can sometimes bring.  Don’t get me wrong…snow is gorgeous the first month you have it.  It’s even lovely all the way through the holidays.  Then it goes from bad to worse,...
May 13th
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May 10th
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Tamale Pie...sort of
Well, Tamale Pie is what this entry would have been.  Apparently since I am only half Mexican, this pie only came out half good. Hah!       Above you can see the ingredients…Red chili sauce, which was surprisingly easy and delicious once I found this recipe to take inspiration from.  Pork butt (Which I learned isn’t actually THAT butt, but a butt of meat from the shoulder!  What can...
May 7th
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May 3rd
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