April 2011
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Royal Wedding Berry Pie
       An all too early morning was had today to celebrate Kate and Wills gettin’ hitched.  I rolled out of bed, put on my fascinator and video chatted with one of my friends in London.  I giggled when I turned on Twitter to find that many of my friends who were in the “I don’t care” crowd glued to the telly watching the event unfold.             The dress was...
Apr 29th
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Giant Cheese & Butter Giveaway *drool* →
I don’t normally do this, but I love cheese, butter, Kerrygold products and Marla Meridith so much that I want you to see this totally awesome page filled with all of those things!
Apr 25th
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Italian Ricotta Pie for Easter
       What a whirlwind it’s been!  I started this week out on the West Coast and have returned to the East Coast a few days ago, but my body still doesn’t know what time zone it’s in.  It always seems like as soon as I get adjusted it’s time to leave. I came home to lots of phone calls to make, emails to respond to, tweets to catch up on and lots of little tasks that...
Apr 22nd
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Apr 15th
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Beer & Bacon Pork Pie
Welcome to Friday Pie Day! For Your Pies Only is growing up and growing up means more responsibility, more chores and getting to stay up past 8PM on the weekend. Each Friday we’ll be featuring a new pie for you loves. Enjoy! I’ve tackled turkey, chicken, sausage and steak pies, but I had yet to make a pork pie. After several sweet pies on the blog, a savory pie is so refreshing...
Apr 8th
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The Pies Have Hit Facebook →
Need some more pie action in your life? You can now add For Your Pies Only on facebook!
Apr 3rd
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Social Food
…where social media and passionate food lovers meet! This week my Twitter world got a little smaller when I got to meet several people I have been connecting with through both my @SunnyinSyracuse and @foryourpiesonly accounts.               My Alma Mater, Syracuse University, has an alumni speaker series and their most recent speaker was amazing food blogger Marla Meridith.  She runs her...
Apr 2nd
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