February 2011
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Sausages, Apples & Leeks...
Oh My! My sincerest apologies for the extended time between pies!  I had all sorts of pie plans last week that were delayed by evil germs that laid me up in bed for days.           The best thing to happen to me all week was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Maple Blondie ice cream.  It was just what the doctor ordered.                  My pie making was rebooted with a savory pie I found in...
Feb 28th
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Feb 24th
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Campfire Not Necessary-Dark Chocolate Raspberry...
        For my Pie Fairy adventures on Valentine’s Day, I really wanted to make little heart pies with chocolate raspberry filling.  That proved to be a little harder than I thought as I pulled the pies from the oven with the filling just oozing completely out of them.  In the seventh hour, I abandoned that plan and decided I would just use the filling I had made for a pie later. My...
Feb 21st
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Feb 16th
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Peanut Butter Cup Pie
        In the beginning of this blog, I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter what kinds of pies were their favorites.  Many of the pies featured on this blog are the ones they love!  Some were in agreement on loving the same pies, but no pie was requested more or has garnered more conversation than a peanut butter chocolate pie…a pie which I had never made, nor eaten!  My friend Katie...
Feb 15th
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Feb 13th
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“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and...”
– Love it :) 
Feb 7th
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Lemon Meringue In Two Acts
Act 1:   With winter being prime citrus season, I was excited to put lemon meringue on my list of pies to make this month.  Ok, I was excited and nervous…lemon meringue seems so delicate and divine.  The meringue was the part I was dreading…I had never made one, never broiled anything in my life….was I up to the challenge? I prebaked my crust completely (as you do with most...
Feb 4th
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