October 2011
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We ❤ Pie!
        Remember that post last week about how I was finally happy to be wrapped into fall? Well that was quickly followed by days on end of gloomy grey skies and rain. The kind of days that you never want to get out of bed where it’s cozy and warm and you can watch How I Met Your Mother marathons. A friend said there should be “rain days” akin to staying home when we get...
Oct 27th
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Oct 22nd
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Oct 21st
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Caramel Apple Pie
           Ah autumn, I have finally settled into you, like the comfort of a well worn hoodie. The scenery has changed and I feel like we went from no leaves on the ground to yards full of them. I went apple picking with some new friends to the makers of the best cider ever: Beak & Skiff Orchards. We gorged ourselves on apples, cheese curds, and apple pie (even though we were both going to...
Oct 17th
Oct 15th
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Oct 10th
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Oct 7th
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Oct 5th
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Oct 4th
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Peach Raspberry Pie
Hard to believe that only days ago it was so hot I actually turned my air conditioner on. We can hope for a couple more warm days, but I think autumn is going to set up camp for good now (at least until winter). I wasn’t willing to give up summer just yet before posting fall harvest pies, so I sat here looking through photos of the pies I made this summer, but had yet to post. I...
Oct 3rd
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